How do I activate Land/Air Premium?
Posted by Xavi Ventura on 03 November 2016 02:02 PM

There are several ways to activate a Land/Air Premium licence:



When Land/Air starts, you will see several links to conveniently activate Land/Air Premium within the program itself:

  • Press ‘Buy’ in the pop-up window

  • Press ‘Buy’ in the information bar

Note: If you already have Land/Air Standard (users with a TwoNav GPS unit), you can buy Land/Air Premium at a lower price.


Once the purchase is complete, press ‘Activate’ to start using Land/Air Premium (Land/Air will automatically register your licence).



1 - Go to www.twonav.com and buy a Land/Air Premium licence.

2 - After buying it, go to www.myTwoNav.com (‘My products > My software’) and find the registration code for the licence you just purchased.

Important: Do not confuse the Land/Air registration code with the promotional code (included in the box with the purchase of any TwoNav GPS unit) or with the device’s serial number (rear of the GPS unit).

3 - Open Land/Air and enter the registration code you found in the above step using any of the following options:

  • Press ‘Activate’ in the pop-up window

  • Press ‘Activate’ in the information bar

  • Press ‘Main menu > Activation information > Enter registration code'

Important: The activation for Land/Air Standard works the same way, only in this case there is no option to buy a ‘Land/Air Standard’ licence, since said licence is only included with the purchase of any TwoNav GPS unit.

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