How do I install maps on the TwoNav app for smartphones?
Posted by Xavi Ventura on 03 November 2016 02:04 PM

There are different ways to install maps on the TwoNav app:


  • From within the app: Maps purchased within the TwoNav app are automatically installed on the smartphone. The map store built into the TwoNav app is available from ‘Main menu > Mapshop’. In case you have already bought a map, you can install the same map on another smartphone. You just have to log in on the new device with the same username you used to purchase the map. Google Play/iTunes will detect that a licence for that map exists in your name and you will be able to install it on the new device at no additional cost.
    Note: Maps purchased within the TwoNav app can only be used in the app, except for the ‘Topo Tiles’, ‘Ortho Tiles’ and ‘France IGN Géoportail’ maps. These products will be available on www.myTwoNav.com and can be installed on other devices besides the smartphone. 

    The TwoNav app also has online maps that are directly accessible from ‘Main menu > Files > Maps > Online maps'. These maps require an internet connection to work, unless sections of them (parts of the maps) are saved on the device’s cache memory.

  • From www.myTwoNav.com: By installing the maps purchased from www.TwoNav.com as on any other GPS device. How do I install maps I purchased on my smartphone?

    The tiles purchased on www.TwoNav.com can also be directly installed on the TwoNav app, without having to use TwoNav Downloader. All you have to do is select the tiles on the map store built into the TwoNav app. The tiles you already purchased will be shown in yellow, and can be installed without having to pay again.

  • From Land: By sending maps from the Land data tree, as on any GPS device. How do I transfer maps between Land/Air and my smartphone?

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