What are the first steps to take with my new GPS?
Posted by Xavi Ventura on 25 April 2017 04:16 PM

In this brief guide, we’ll explain the steps TwoNav recommends taking to start up your GPS and install the best maps and software to manage your outings:



1 - Insert the battery into the GPS unit. You will find it in the box, along with the other accessories.

2 - Turn on the device by pressing the power button.

3 - See what maps are pre-installed. Go to ‘Main menu > Files > Maps’:


- OpenStreetMap (OSM): Complete map of the country.

Topographic map: The less detailed layers are already pre-installed on your device (and cover the entire country). You only have to download the tiles for your area (highest detailed layer) to get the most from your GPS.

3D relief map: Map containing information on terrain elevation only.

Your device is ready to be used. To record your first activity, just go outside and press ‘Main menu > Start > Free’. TwoNav recommends you read the following sections to find out more about your device.




Your device includes useful complementary products (maps and management software). Activating them is very easy:


1 - Log in to your TwoNav customer area at www.myTwoNav.com > Register my products’.

2 - Type the promotional code that you’ll find in the box containing your device.


What’s a promotional code?


3 - You will then see a list of the free products you can get. To do so, you just have to validate each product.

Note: If you want to validate a mosaic map, you have to select the area of the map you want to get.


4 - Once validated, you’ll be able to install them. Your products will now be available for installation on your GPS device.




Land is the best PC/Mac tool for planning and analysing your outings. It will also help you manage your device: transfer data (routes, maps, etc.), update your device software to the latest version…


1 - Log in to your TwoNav customer area at www.myTwoNav.com > My software’.

2 - If you validated Land in the previous step, you’ll see your new Land Standard licence in the section ‘My software’.

3 - Copy the registration code for your Land Standard licence.

4 - Then click on ‘Install’ and follow the steps to install Land on your PC/Mac.

5 - Once installed, run Land.

Note: When you start it for the first time, you will have to log in with your TwoNav account (same credentials you used before to access www.myTwoNav.com).

6 - Land will run in basic mode. Press ‘Activate’ to turn your Land Basic into Land Standard. Simply enter the registration code you copied earlier from www.myTwoNav.com.

7 - You can now enjoy Land in Standard mode.

Remember that you can also get more features by purchasing a Land Premium licence, which is available for 50% off just for being a GPS TwoNav user.


Purchase Land Premium




Your TwoNav GPS comes with pre-installed maps, but you can expand them. For example, in the case of mosaic maps, you can add a tiled layer, which is more detailed.


1 - Make sure your device is connected to the computer.

2 - Log in to your TwoNav customer area at www.myTwoNav.com > My products > My maps’.

3 - Select the map content you want to install and click ‘Install map’.

4 - The TwoNav Downloader will then start downloading the maps.

Note: If you installed the Land software in the previous steps, your computer will already have the TwoNav Downloader. If it doesn’t, you can install it now.

5 - In TwoNav Downloader, select which device you want the map you downloaded to be installed on.

6 - Once the installation process is complete, the map will be available on the device.

7 - If you installed tiles on a mosaic map, you’ll be able to see them when you zoom in on that part of the map (the map’s different layers will disappear as you zoom in on more detailed layers).


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