How to update TwoNav software in your GPS TwoNav?
Posted by David Albert on 16 April 2010 09:36 AM



1 - Download and install 'Land'/'Air' software: http://www.twonav.com/en/support/downloads

2 - Connect your GPS to PC's USB port. The new device will appear in 'Storage files' section of the data tree. If you don't see the data tree, please click on the  icon from the toolbar.

3 - Right click on the name of the GPS in data tree and select 'Update TwoNav software'.

4 - If there is an available update for your device, download button will appear. Accept it and 'TwoNav' will be updated automatically.



Important: Manual update is a dangerous process, because it may cause loss of important system files if it is not done correctly. In order to update the 'TwoNav' software of your GPS, your device requires a minimum of battery charged.

1 - Connect your GPS to the PC with the USB cable. After that, you will see your device (internal memory of the device) appear in your system.

2 - Download 'AventuraXXX.zip' (for example) from: http://www.twonav.com/en/support/downloads


3 - Unzip the content of the downloaded file 'AventuraXXX.zip' at 'TwoNav' folder of 'Aventura' unit (internal memory of the device).

4 - You will be asked for confirmation when overwriting. Accept overwriting all files, but never delete any file of this folder manually.

5 - Disconnect your device from the PC and start it normally.



3 - Unzip the content of the downloaded file 'UltraXXX.zip' at the root directory of Ultra's microSD card.

4 - Disconnect your device from the PC and restart it. 'Ultra' will be automaticlly restarted twice:

  • 1st process: Copy files
  • 2nd process: Delete temporary files

5 - Start 'Ultra' normally.


Note: Both processes are represented in a progress bar, so all you have to do is wait until processes are fully completed.

Note: Mac devices don't need to unzip the file, its content will be automatically unzipped inside 'Download' folder.

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