How to update TwoNav software in your GPS TwoNav?
Posted by David Albert on 16 April 2010 09:36 AM



1 - Download and install 'Land'/'Air' software: http://www.twonav.com/en/support/downloads

2 - Connect your GPS to PC's USB port. The new device will appear in 'Storage files' section of the data tree.

3 - Right click on the name of the GPS in data tree and select 'Update TwoNav software'.

4 - If there is an available update for your device, download button will appear. Accept it and 'TwoNav' will be updated automatically.



Important: Manual update is a dangerous process, because it may cause loss of important system files if it is not done correctly. In order to update the 'TwoNav' software of your GPS, your device requires a minimum of battery charged.

1 - Connect your GPS to the PC with the USB cable. After that, you will see your device (internal memory of the device) appear in your system.

2 - Download 'AventuraXXX.zip' (for example) from: http://www.twonav.com/en/support/downloads


3 - Unzip the content of the downloaded file 'AventuraXXX.zip' at 'TwoNav' folder of 'Aventura' unit (internal memory of the device).

4 - You will be asked for confirmation when overwriting. Accept overwriting all files, but never delete any file of this folder manually.

5 - Disconnect your device from the PC and start it normally.



3 - Unzip the content of the downloaded file 'UltraXXX.zip' at the root directory of Ultra's microSD card.

4 - Disconnect your device from the PC and restart it. 'Ultra' will be automaticlly restarted twice:

  • 1st process: Copy files
  • 2nd process: Delete temporary files

5 - Start 'Ultra' normally.


Note: Both processes are represented in a progress bar, so all you have to do is wait until processes are fully completed.

Note: Mac devices don't need to unzip the file, its content will be automatically unzipped inside 'Download' folder.

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