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How to update Aventura's operating system?
Posted by - NA - on 27 July 2010 10:57 AM

Aventura has 2 software levels:

  • Operating systemExecuted under TwoNav and controling the more basic operations of the device.
  • TwoNav: Executed over the operating system and interacting with user.


Normally, software updates are for TwoNav, but operating system can also have updates.



  • The user should know that this is a delicate process. It must be applied correctly, otherwise it could leave the unit unusable.
  • In order to avoid losing data during the updating process, please copy all your personal files contained in 'TwoNavData/Data' to computer (security copy).
  • Updates might take some minutes, you might need to wait so left the device working until further steps are being indicated.
  • Enough battery is needed to update the operating system, at least 30 min.
  • Battery cover must be closed, so no irreparable damages at the operating system might be applied. 


In order to update the operating system of Aventura, please follow these steps:


1.  Unzip AVENTURA OPERATING SYSTEM, copy the 'Upload' folder at Aventura's SD card root.

2.  With Aventura powered on, keep 'Operating system' button firmly pressed with a stylus.

3.  Without releasing the 'Operating system' button, press shortly the 'Reset' button with an other stylus or similar object.

4.  System will reset and update process will start with a blue screen. Just wait some seconds until the process finishes and system is automatically reseted.

5.  To verify that your operating system has been successfully updated you can check it out at 'Main menu > Settings > Full settings > System > Device > About'.

6.  Once the update is finished, you might need to re-calibrate the screen of your device.

7.  Once the update is finished, you can delete the files that you unzipped in the SD card.

  • 'Operating system' button is behind SD card compartment rubber cap, at left of SD reader, beside the audio connector.
  • 'Reset' button is also behind SD card compartment rubber cap, but on the other side, just beside the serial port.
  • If 'Operating system' button is not pressed strongly enough, it will not work and only a simple reset will be made when pressing 'Reset' button.
  • If 'Reset' button is pressed for too much time, system will not re-start so Operating system will not be installed.


Note: In case you have lost device identifier and license registration, get in contact with After Sales Department (rma@twonav.com).

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