How to install/uninstall TwoNav Android?
Posted by Florian Gratien on 01 April 2011 04:24 PM


1 - Go to download page of TwoNav: http://www.twonav.com/en/support/downloads

2 - You only have to download 'TwoNav Android' at 'Smartphone' section.

Note: In case you have downloaded the file on your PC instead of downloading it directly on your Android device, you will need to transfer the downloaded file to your Android. Take into account that some browsers may download the file as zipped extension *.ZIP, in that case, you should rename the file to *.APK.

3 - Open your default file manager (in this example: 'ES File Explorer File Manager') and find the *.APK file that you previously copied (look at the same location where you have copied the *.APK file).

4 - Once found, do a double click on the *.APK file and look for 'Install' option.

5 - Once installed, run 'TwoNav' application and proceed to register it. The proceeding is exactly the same as in any other platform. Registration can be directly done from:

  • Your device in case it has internet connection (you will receive the registration code by e-mail).
  • Manually in case it has no internet connection (briefly explained at your license’s registration e-mail accessible at www.myTwoNav.com).



1 - Get access to 'Play store' and look for 'TwoNav' application:

  • 'TwoNav' App: TwoNav in free mode with certain usage limitations on features and functions.
  • 'TwoNav Premium' App: Full license with no limitatations.

2 - Click 'Install', read the specifications and then click 'Accept & Download'

3 - After that, download process will begin. Wait until the installation is done. 

4 - Once done, press 'Open' to run the application. 

Note: If you are downloading 'TwoNav Premium' you will not need to enter a registration code to register the product. 'TwoNav Premium' will be automatically registered in your device.

Important: You can also install the TwoNav app licence and any of the maps you have purchased within the application on other smartphones. You just have to log in on the new device with the same username you used to purchase the TwoNav app. Google Play/iTunes will detect that a licence for the TwoNav app exists in your name and you will be able to install it on the new device at no additional cost.



1 - If you want to uninstall the application access to: 'Settings > Application manager > TwoNav'

2 - Select 'Uninstall'. Once selected, the process to uninstall the software will begin.

3 - Once the process has ended, the application will be fully uninstalled from your device.

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