How to update Sportiva/Sportiva+'s eBoot and operating system?
Posted by Xavi Ventura on 30 June 2011 03:55 PM

Sportiva/Sportiva+ has 3 software levels:

  • eBoot: Starting component which runs the operating system.
  • Operating system: Executed under TwoNav and controling the more basic operations of the device.
  • TwoNav: Executed over the operating system and interacting with user.


Normally, software updates are for TwoNav, but eBoot and operating system can also have updates.



  • The user should know that this is a delicate process. It must be applied correctly, otherwise it could leave the unit unusable.
  • In order to avoid losing data during the updating process, please copy all your personal files contained in 'TwoNavData/Data' to computer (security copy).
  • Updates might take some minutes, you might need to wait so left the device working until further steps are being indicated.
  • Enough battery is needed to update the operating system, at least 30 min.
  • Battery cover must be closed, so no irreparable damages at the operating system might be applied. 



In order to update the eBoot and the operating system of Sportiva/Sportiva+, please follow these steps:


1.  TwoNav 2.4 version (or higher) must be installed in your device before you start to update the operating system.

-  Sportiva/Sportiva+: Unzip SPORTIVA/SPORTIVA+ EBOOT & OPERATING SYSTEM, copy files at the root folder of your Sportiva/Sportiva+ internal memory.

-  Sportiva2/Sportiva2+: Check this FAQ

Important: Some browsers may download the same file as zipped 'XXX.ZIP', in that case, you should rename the file to 'XXX.FIR'.

Note: Use a microSD with Windows XP formated FAT32 card (more information: How to format a microSD card to use it on a TwoNav GPS?)

2.  Start device.

3.  Go to 'Main menu > Settings > Full settings > System > Device > Update operating system'. An update window will appear.

4.  Follow on-screen instructions and don't shut down device until this process ends. Once eBoot has ended you will need to press 'On/Off' key in order to shut down the device (on-screen instructions will be shown when to start it).

Important: Despite instructions say 'Press 'On/Off' key to reboot', the device only shuts down. The user will need to start the device again.  



5.  XIP.BIN update: The device will ask for confirmation: “Do you want to update operating system (XIP.BIN)?”. The user does not have to apply any option except message confirmation.

6.  Once XIP.BIN has been updated, the device will be running again. It is recommended to shutdown device for at least 1 minute after performing update process.

7.  To verify that your operating system has been successfully updated you can check it out at 'Main menu > Settings > Full settings > System > Device > About'.

8.  Once the update is finished, you might need to re-calibrate the screen of your device.


Note: In case you have lost device identifier and license registration, get in contact with After Sales Department (rma@twonav.com).



Firmware update in case normal update procedure fails, only in case of failure

This process is critical, do it only under your responsibility. You must have your battery charged and microSD card correctly placed:


1.  Update to the latest version of TwoNav by copying TwoNav files to the internal memory of Sportiva/Sportiva+.

2.  Rename 'XXX.FIR' to 'XXX.ZIP'.

3.  Uncompress 'XXX.ZIP' in order to get two files: EBOOT.BIN and XIP.BIN

4.  Copy EBOOT.BIN and XIP.BIN to root of your microSD card.

5.  Put microSD card, battery and device cover back to Sportiva/Sportiva+.

6.  Press and hold 'Page' key and then connect your device to PC using a usb cable.

7.  A black screen menu will show. Release 'Page' key and press 'On/Off' key to start update process.

Note: High capacity microSD cards (8GB, 16GB, 32GB...) are sometimes not working for this process. In that case, you should try a 2GB or a 4GB microSD card.

8.  XIP update can take 2 minutes, do not turn device off nor press any key.

9.  When process is finished press 'On/Off' key to turn device off.


Note: In case you have lost device identifier and license registration, get in contact with After Sales Department (rma@twonav.com).

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