License policy of TwoNav
Posted by Xavi Ventura on 10 November 2011 10:30 AM

License policy of TwoNav is based on 3 activations for each license, being a very reasonable amount of activations compared to similar standards. This decision is based on taking into account the desire of many users to have our products installed on several devices:

  • 1 Land license = Installation limit of 3 different devices (PC)
  • 1 Air license = Installation limit of 3 different devices (PC)
  • 1 App TwoNav license* = Installation limit of 3 different devices (Smartphone)
  • 1 map license = Installation limit of 3 different devices (PC / Smartphone / GPS)
    (maps provided by Institut Géographique National de France have a limit of 5 activations per license)


TwoNav considers 'device' a combination of hardware and operating system. So in case of Land / Air / TwoNav / Map is reinstalled on the same device, it will not require an extra activation because it is considered the same device (it will not involve the loss of one of the registrations included in the license).


Once the product is activated it will be permanently linked to the base hardware on which it was installed (even when the product is uninstalled from that device). Therefore, once the 3 activations allowed per license have been exhausted, uninstalling one of the registrations will not entail recovering a new activation.


If the problem persists, contact our support team at http://support.twonav.com.


* TwoNav software is by default featured on TwoNav GPS, the software installed inside the GPS cannot be installed on other devices (PC / Smartphone).

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