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My GPS TwoNav doesn't start
Posted by Xavi Ventura on 13 June 2012 12:53 PM

OK!, this is a disappointing experience. Let's see what we can do...

Here you can find some steps to solve the problem. If you don't feel comfortable with technological issues, please contact the support team at: http://support.twonav.com

Our support team will guide you to solve the problem or just recommend to send device to repair.


First of all, we should see exactly when start process is interrupted:



PROBLEM A: I only see TwoNav splash screen (TwoNav logo in green image) or TwoNav version number


Situation:TwoNav starts but immediately is freezed. 

Cause:Corrupted files.


  • Option 1- Remove microSD card if present (If TwoNav starts correctly after removing SD card, a corrupted file may be in SD card, or that SD card has some problem).
  • Option 2- Plug device to USB and start Land software (download Land in free or premium modes by clicking here). Once downloaded find your TwoNav device at 'storage files' section (data tree). Then right click on it and select 'repair'.
  • Option 3- In case steps 1 and 2 don’t work at all, you may have a corrupted file inside the internal memory of your device (‘TwoNavData’ folder). You may try to find the suspicious file (maybe a customized map you made or a friend gave you) or just delete all the content of ‘TwoNavData’ folder (Important: remember to make a backup copy if you have something valuable).
  • Option 4- Please contact us at rma@twonav.com and we will advise on how to proceed.



PROBLEM B: TwoNav has started in Windows CE mode


Situation:TwoNav is not normally started, Windows CE desktop is shown instead.

Cause: TwoNav version has not been properly installed causing an improper application’s initiation process.


Copy the downloaded *.XML file and the latest TwoNav version contained in *.ZIP document at root folder of your SD card (click here to download the latest version of TwoNav). Once done, run your GPS again.




PROBLEM C: I see operating system’s loading screen (TwoNav logo in black screen)


Situation:I saw operating system (OS) loading, but now screen is black.

Cause:There is some problem before at early steps of loading TwoNav app, or even in operating system load.


  • Option 3- Please contact us at rma@twonav.com and we will advise on how to proceed.



PROBLEM D: Screen is totally dead!


Situation:I cannot see any light on device.

Cause:No power on system. 


  • Option 1- Make sure battery is correctly placed and fully charged (if not, plug the device to the USB charger).
  • Option 2- Please contact us at rma@twonav.com and we will advise on how to proceed.
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