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How to format a microSD card to use it on a TwoNav GPS?
Posted by Xavi Ventura on 11 December 2012 12:43 PM

Important: Please read carefully these instructions in order to avoid data lost. Remember that all data in microSD card will be lost after this process.


1 - Download and install the software MiniAide Fat32 Formatter Home Edition ('Download' section)

2 - Connect the microSD card to the PC with the USB cable or using a microSD card reader. Check out which storage unit letter is assigned to the microSD card.

3 - Start 'MiniAide Fat32 Formatter Home Edition'.

4 - Select the storage unit letter assigned to the microSD card.

5 - Select on the right list 'Format Partition' (all data contained in this partition will be lost).

6 - Set the following configuration:

  • File System: FAT32
  • Cluster size: 4 KB

7 - Press OK and wait until the process is finished.

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