GPS Velo: USB Port full of mud


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    Uwe B.

    Rumors are, that the port is waterproof. Compe should give some more infos. At the independend German forum:
    some users have bought plastic plugs to protect their usb ports from what happend to your device.

    If cleaning it, I would use nonconducting tools (plastic or toothpicks) and isopropanol instead of water.

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    TwoNav Admin


    Yes, the USB port is waterproof. We are considering to add plugs like Uwe says, so we avoid these kind of problems with mud.

    Martin, please let us know if you can solve the issue successuflly. Otherwise, we will find a solution togegher. The product is quite new, so these kind of problems can happen and we will work to make sure that you have a fully functional device.

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