Map transperancy


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    Clic right on the name of a map in the tree. Chose Transparency in the menu, then move down the map cursor.

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    Evgeny Knafel

    Tried that but nothing changes. I see only the topmost map

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    www.twolandnaviste .fr forum

    I've tried with Land 7.7.0, but two topographic.imp. I have not ortophoto.imp Sorry...

    Have you tried to reverse the order of displaying maps by Clic right on the name of a map, Multimaps, Bring to front or Send to back? (I don't believe to that but...)

    I'm sorry to say that, but.... no mistake with the transparency cursor? (1 map cursor on left + 1 track cursor on right). Sometimes a moment of inattention comes quickly.

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