Trail 2 take very long to acquire satellite


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    Gert M.

    Hi Girogio,


    no there is no way to speed it up.In general a fix should be there in ~45sec. Thats my experience.

    5 to 10 minutes is really to much it is not normal.

    So you have TN version 4.7 installed.!?

    Have you tried it with GPS only for example?

    Although the influence of speed to fix is not really much according to my observations, only some seconds.

    Not sure if it really helps in your case but you could reset the device to factory settings.

    May be you should contact Twonav Support team:



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    Thierry CHARLÈS


    For my own TRAIL 2, 5 minutes at the start, less than a minute now.

    Are the date and time correct?

    It is likely that the GPS chip ephemeris data is false or altered. If your FIX are long and you make ON / OFF you probably accentuate the phenomenon.

    Leave GPS + glonass + Galliléo to facilitate acquisition.

    Put your GPS in a well-cleared place, let it do the fixed time it needs even if it up to 20 minutes ... Then leave it in the same place without cutting it for at least an hour.

    After this check switch OFF your TRAIL 2 and  wait at least 10 minutes before a new swith ON in a well-cleared place, note the duration of the FIX which should be less than 3 minutes. Leave your GPS in this state for at least 20 minutes.

    This done, your FIX duration should be good. Come back and tell us the FIX time out

    Knowing its position, date and time, your GPS searches for the satellites it is supposed to see in the sky. If it does not receive the data of those satellites, it searches in the sky, from a satellite among 31 ... This state can take time, up to 20 minutes.

    The causes:
    - False date and time,
    - False memorized position,
    - Ephemeris of the erroneous or altered constelaltion,
    - Sensitivity failure ..

    The ephemeris data is transmitted by the satellites at very very low rates. It takes a long time to renew everything, once the FIX allows the satellites to receive it at least one hour.

    Keep us informed of the outcome of this test

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    Giorgio Guglielmino


    Thanks for your messages.

    I have "kind" of fixed the problem.

    I have noticed that, if I walk a little bit around with the trail 2 in my hand, it get the satellites connection quickly, in about 5 to 10 seconds. As you mentioned, If I switch the unit on, nearby where I switched it off, it is very quick to acquire satellite coverage, If I switch it on at a different location, it takes longer but walking a bit around it make acquire the sat quickly.

    Once the connection is made, it keeps it very well, I use it for trails running, and after testing it yesterday during 2 hours run, I was very happy to see that the trail 2 is very accurate, even when running in the woods, it kept my position very well.

    I have software version 4.7.1


    Thanks again for your help.





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    Thierry CHARLÈS


    Since you ran for two hours, the ephemerides data have been refreshed and are now correct. You will see that the duration of the FIX after two or three uses of this type will pass under the minute, the time necessary for the renewal of all these data. The fact of moving does not have any incidence, on the other hand if you try the FIX in a JET the FIX may not succeed !.

    Yes it is precise and sensitive it receives very well under al experience the vegetation well, the trace is well placed on a map.

    Do you use the Track attack?

    Happy Holidays and GOOD TRAILS.


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