Addition of maps in the GPS


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  • Hi,

    Here are only users of the brand TwoNav. The support do not comme here.

    To join the support you must "send a request" (high of this page).

    I don't understand exactly your problem.

    You have a map and you are not able to put it in your GPS ?


    You look for topo maps for your GPS ?

    In this case, you can chose aeras from these sites:

    Nepal is in the list...

    Chose "osm.bz2" format. You must unpack (unzip) the downloaded file to get an .OSM file. I only know the soft Land of TwoNav. It open .osm maps and you must "save as" the map in a file your GPS can read.

    There is also:;lang=en
    (chose OSM XML gzip's)

    Try small aeras like 10x10 kms. Land (Premium needed to make maps) do not like big files.

    There is others sites to make maps.

    An user

    Best regards


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