KM to Miles


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    TwoNav Admin

    Hi Muriel,

    Could you please specify where would you like to see miles?

    Is it in Land, TwoNav, or GO Website?

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    Muriel Hanlon

    It is within the activities. I seems to show miles on our aventura but when looking at activities it is showing in kilometres

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    Muriel Hanlon

    It is in Twonav site it shows km but would like to change to miles 

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    Michael Hunter

    I have the same question. I bought an OS GPS Trail device and have set it to record distance in miles and height in feet.

    When I upload to My Activities on See Me they have been converted to km and m respectively. I can see no way of customising these options, nothing in knowledge base and note you have not answered Muriel's question from 10 months ago.

    Please advise. 

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