Create own Icons for Waypoints -Changing the custom Waypoints (making them smaller)


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  • Hi,

    I do not know new GPS. CompeGPS try to hide their system.

    But old GPS (Anima and olders) (and Land) have a file Icons are in it.

    If your GPS has this file, make a copy for security, then unzip and you will see icons.

    I have made some icons and I have zipped again the file with its own icons and mine.

    If your Horizon has this file ....

    Best regards


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    Gert M.

    Hi Sonja,

    unfortunatly since Twonav4 it is a almost closed system.

    So it is not possible to exchange as it was in Twonav3* .

    I and a few other users suggested it already to CompeGps Team. Unfortunately it wasn't enough people to push it.

    There are lot of other improvements pending which got a higher priority and it is a bit difficult to find a time slot to implement custom waypoint icons option. And if a lot of users and dealers would suggest it, i think this could push it to higher priority.

    kind  regards



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  • HI,

    I think it is not easy to push CompeGPS Team.... even with a lot of "suggestions".

    Somebody said: " We are often surprised to see this company making descisions contrary to its intrests".

    Some old "tickets" had many support and the improvement never come.

    Gert, Thanks to confirm my doubts.

    Always nice to read you dear Papal...

    Best regards



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