Maps are appeared in the Tree of the Land software on the PC and in the maps Folder of the GPS devise but t not in the list of maps on the device itself .


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  • Hello,

    I have tried to help you twice. Twice, you did not came back to responde.



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    Thierry CHARLÈS


    Here is a user forum your post is not send to COMP GPS!

    I'm a French user, I think you have to read the tutos on the support main page!

    A copy of a MAP load an activated for LAND do not run in your GPS if a code is required for the Map of this Country.

    You must load the MAP and the CODE, il a code is required, for each devices. A  MAP is buy for up to 3 devices.

    Return on your TWONAV/.../ MY PRODUCT/.... page, connect your GPS to the PC, wait for the GPS connection and reload all the MAP, the upload software see all your devices "LAND, GPS, Etc.." and load the MAP to your GPS in the good path. If a code is required you have to provide the GPS ID in the manual loading process. Before switch off go to the manual MAP loading  dialog to see if a code is required.

    Do not forget  that the CODE and MAP will be load in the same path.. a norway.rmap

    Good luck


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