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    Thierry CHARLÈS


    My god, confusing simplicity, open your TwoNav account

    My Product/My maps...  and expand the list

    Best regards

    Do not clic on the link..! It is a broken link to my account/my map!!!!


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    richard seidel

    Hi, Thierry
    Thanks for reply.
    This was whar I ttried, but did not work.
    On the "My Maps" page only an old product appears, a map bought 2014 (BR13Q3).
    But not the new one (BR17Q...).
    I boughtthei new ma directtly through the TwoNav App and it installed sucessfully in the smartphone. But I can not trace this back as you and I imagined to see the purchase and registration.
    Is this strange or am I still missing something else?
    Thanks again

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