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    Thierry CHARLÈS


    You are on the forum, you are not addressing TwoNav..

    On my PC with 9.2.3 this works fine.

    Try this, this solution helps to remove this type of fault.

    You will save the two folders /documents/compegps/data and map (in order to recover your data)

    Then you uninstall Land (Uninstall)
    Then you check that there is nothing left and if there is a file you delete it

    c:/programdata/twonav or the path you set during installation (Cache folder)
    c:/Programm/twonav (or whatever path you set during installation)
    c:/progarmmw86 (Old installations)


    Shut down then start the PC

    Then reinstall 9.2.3
    Overwrite the /map/ and /data that were created in x/document/compeGps by those that you had saved at the beginning

    In principle following this dosage it should work out.



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    Sanford Teal

    Thanks. It seems to be working now.
    || mapquest directions

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