spoken directions on GPS Aventura 2 plus


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    Thierry CHARLÈS

    Good evening,

    Yes the aventura 2 can produce an audio guidance message (Terra too, Trail 2 too, CROSS cannot).

    Now it's a bit complicated, before it was much simpler.

    You must first obtain audio files, or create them which is quite easy nowadays (wav format) but if you leave an email address I will transfer you the audio guide file which is in your language and was provided by TwoNav.

    Then you have to place these files in .../Document/CompeGps/AudioFiles (This point is very important for it to work)

    Then you have to add maneuver points where you have to change directions or alerts or what you consider useful, either:

    - Manually (Edit track / add road book point)
    - Automatically with Fast Track (See the operating mode in the presentation of Land 9)

    Automatic insertion with fast track, adds an audio line to the *.trk file, but this audio file does not work.

    So for each road book point you have to do: property and add the additional file that corresponds to the guidance message you want

    In Land the Play function allows you to test and verify that it works.

    The file format must be "*.trk "and you must always work from this file and keep it.

    Then for the GPS you must save this file in "*.btrk" format, this format incorporates the audio files, otherwise the audio files will remain on your PC.

    In the GPS it is necessary to configure the proximity alarm. For example if you set this alarm at 20 m, 20 m before arriving at the maneuvering point the GPS will emit the BEEP that you have associated with this alarm, then vertically from the maneuvering point the guidance message will be broadcast .

    Good luck

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    katy swift468

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    Gieseler Frank

    Thank you Thierry, again learned what .

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