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    Thierry CHARLÈS



    1) no text messages, calls, WhatsApp notifications on the Trail.
    Smartphone with Android 12, Link 1.2.2, Trail 5.6.3, correct BT connection.

    Yes, LINK must be active on the phone, and notifications work when they want. Not yet understood why or when

    2) if I load a route to navigate from point A to point B, where the distance is also indicated correctly by the arrows....... the Trail instead wants to take me to the end of the track (point B) of the start of the track even when the point where I am is closer to A than to B.
    How can I fix it?

    This cannot be corrected, if you are on the track it guides you towards the end, if you are off track it guides you in principle towards the closest..

    Otherwise you must use a Road Book



    3) with the latest update of TRAIL 2 Bike (5.6.3) my positioning (of the Trail) in relation to the map (road or off-road) is wrong by a few meters. Is it possible to correct the positioning???

    The best GPS accuracy is when all reception conditions are optimal and it is between 3 and 5 m for 95 fixes out of 100.

    It is therefore rare, whatever the GPS, that the position is strictly exact, it is always within a few meters.

    If the quality of the reception deteriorates, the error will be more than 5 m, the TRAIL 2 receives the three constellations its precision is more than correct, for this technology.

    I stayed in 5.6.0, it seems to me that there is no longer any point in chasing the recent updates which mainly concern the more recent GPS which have precision issues. It would be a shame to have a "post" processing correction that has no reason to exist on a TRAIL 2.

    The precision and number of satellites appear in the track listing, the precision is between 2 m and 10 m for a number of satellites between 5 and 16.




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