Relative Anonymity



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    Laurent METTERIE


    "You can edit your name as you like in MyTwoNav..." (That was an official answer to my similar question)

    In this post, for example, the name is DP SA:

    Best regards.

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    Uwe B.

    Thanks for that info. I did find it and changed it. I still think COMPE should be more careful about those informations. The time I entered my data into MyTwoNav I did not expect them to use those infos careless like in some open support forum.

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    Laurent METTERIE

    I do not at all appreciateany the form of this new support.
    The only thing that is good is the resolution of problems "that affect the money".

    Because of the name change, another problem is going to arise, I think. The day you order an accessory to send by parcel, what will be your address?

    I wonder if we should not open a second account just for help.

    Best regards

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