Land software for Windows ver. 8.9



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    Gert M.

    Hi Mirko,

    this is only a user forum. So you will not get a definive answer to this question here.

    It is better to address it at

    In the past you could always update for free, in minor update range e.g. from 7.1 to 7.7.2. The step from 7.7.2 to 8 was a mayor update which had to be payed.

    So probably from 8.9. to 9 too. The update price was 39€.

    Only in case that you just buied the licence and within a certain period the mayor update was released, you could update for free.

    But as i already wrote, please submit a request to support.



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  • Hi,

    I'm pretty sure that CompeGPS is currently unable to say when version 9 will be released.
    Assuming CompeGPS give a date for Land 9, I remain very cautious.

    A french user

    Best regards


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