Is Routing in Land Software Possible?



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    Google translation is not good on translating your title.

    What do you want but with other words?
    Are you looking for the automatic calculation of a trip with Land?

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    Thierry CHARLÈS


    Yes it is possible by building the route point by point or by using the fast track tool.

    Before you start, you should know that there are two type or family of maps: Raster maps, which have an image-like computer format, and vector maps which are an object database used by the software (Here Land) to draw lines or shapes between these objects.

    To route or build a route with a Raster map you must draw it point by point, the map only knows colored pixels and has no other information.

    To build or route with a vector map, if you use the FastTrack tool (At the top of the screen) (Please read the user manual) Land will fetch the data from the Database of the map to build your route.

    There are many tutorials on the internet dealing with the subject ask the following question in the Google search engine "Route a route with LAND" for example.



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