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  • Hello Christian,

    I agree to use the TwoNav GPS, it's difficult. (I only know them).
    But those "who know their GPS by heart", you will say that the manual is a support poorly done and that you have to manipulate your GPS to test and learn. The manual is, in my opinion, a reminder.
    On the official forum (the one that is closed now), there was a good community (I speak French side because I do not have enough knowledge of other languages. (This is google translate)) and those, who like you were lost, were helped. They now appreciate their GPS.

    Yes, there are a lot of settings, you do not have to use everything. You can simply use your GPS. As:
    -Before leaving, you load, in the memory, a track.
    -You arrive at the start, you start your GPS, wait until it positions you on the map.
    -You ask the GPS to load the track, "FILES", "TRACK", press the selected TRACK, it appears on the screen.
    -You start your trip by just trying to walk (ride, run, other ....) on the colored line on the screen.

    To record your trip, "START", "FREE" and the GPS will record your movements.

    When you know this, you go a little further:
    - "START", "TRACK", choose a TRACK in the memory, it climbs to the top of the list of the "SELECT" screen
    -Again, "START", "TRACK", press on the chosen TRACK.
    -TRIP PREVIEW screen, the TRACK appears in double line, "START" and you will walk, run, other in the middle of the two lines. If you move away from the TRACK, the GPS will beep (but it may be your own sound with your own voice that you have previously done, at the distance you want to. There you have to configure the GPS or leave the settings "by default ").

    Sir, do not keep your eyes on the manual, go out, test, learn at your own pace and your needs your GPS. It is necessary to go gradually, it is hard but, after, it is happiness. Do not give up .

    Best regards


    PS: Are you English ?

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    Thierry CHARLÈS

    I do not agree with this this remark, TWO NAV manuals are very well made and do not require any particular knowledge of the GPS system itself fortunately.
    Of course, as with other new technologies, it is necessary to have a minimum of knowledge, before us the mans know the same issue to used the first car instead horse and to used the first Personal Computeur.
    You have to find information on the WEB, ask questions to google to made your knowledge.

    Do you know the tutorials :

    Or the knoledge base :

    For some others new technologies or Others GPS The manual is much more complicated to understand when it exists. 

    The forum is dedicated  to provide help between user , our friend Laurent takes the time to make the information public.

    Best regards

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  • Hello,

     I personally lost the overview very fast!

    Try do do the same work as (sorry, it is en French):

    Best regards



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    Christian Maurer

    Salut Laurent et Thierry,

    merci beaucoup pour votres opinions et les adresses :-) À propose... je suis Allemand.

    Since this is an international forum I think the English language is the most sufficiant one to get in contact with all users of the TwoNav GPS.

    Concerning the basic knowledge you may be right. But if I do need 3 dictionaries to be able to read and understand a manual there must be wrong.

    I think I ´m allowed to judge about manuals... I was working as a technical author for about 7 years. I used to write workshop manuals. During my education and my labour I learned how to descripe effectively.

    Okay... of course I already know some basic features of the "Anima"... but there are still so many things I don´t understand. Nevertheless: I won´t give up!!!  Maybe I´ll succeed to understand the GPS in the next few years.





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  • Hi Christian,

    Je suis Allemand.

    This question was to help you. There is a very good German forum:

    I do not understand, sorry. Something ? I guess.

    but there are still so many things I don´t understand.

    Ask questions in the naviboard forum. Papaluna (Gert) was a moderator of the french section of the dead forum.

    Creating manuals, you should also know that any very complete software is rarely used 100/100%. Which user understands, uses WORD, EXCEL etc ... to 100/100% ? Nobody ! Everyone takes the part that interests him. Behind these programs, delivered to the general public often hides a job that must be learned. The learning can be long.

    GPS devices with TwoNav includes computer knowledge (a dictionary), practice and knowledge in land sports, air, sea ... multiple (another dictionary for each), basic knowledge in the GPS system (a third one), you have to learn the terms used by TwoNav (a manual, a forum and practiceS....) etc ... only three dictionaries? easy !

    Best regards


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