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    Thierry CHARLÈS


    Drawing error detected. Please report the problem at 3101

    You use LAND in its version 8.9.6 ?

    It seems that this error occurs when the map is zoomed to the maximum. This can happen unintentionally when creating a new WayPoint for example.

    According to the after-sales service, a new version of TwoNav will soon be available (Logic since a new product should be released before the end of the year).

    From what I have observed, an exit / stop of Land does not correct the fault when restarting Land finds the same state therefore "with the same cases the same effects":

    - Solution try to tune a lower zoom factor and it will disappear or not reappear when restarting.

    - Replace Land 8.9.6 by 8.9.2 which will allow the screen to be zoomed out
    - Return to Land 8.9.6.

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