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  • Hello,

    I do this with Land 7 and Land 8 on W10... It work... Why not L8 and L9 ?

    When installing you must choose different names for folders of Land 8 and 9.

    A problem may arise when you want to use the TwoNav Downloader (downloading maps from your MyTwoNav, for example). It happened to me that it was disturbed by 2 different versions (but 7 and 8 are very different).

    You can have 1 month to try Land 9. Try it before loosing money.

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    Juan Carlos Ruiz

    Thanks... but I'd like a more official answer from the developers. Maybe L9 installs over L8, or shares some registry entries, or maybe not. I don't want to take this risk.

    Evaluating Land9 is important to save money, but for me keeping separate configurations to be able to continue using Land8 is also important, to save my time. I have more money than time :-)

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  • For a more official answer, it is not here.

    There is only users here, like you and me.

    To join the team TwoNav you must "send a request" (enviar una solicitud)

    For Land 7 and Land 8, on my computer, do share registry (because I gave another name for the folder of installation.)

    After, they can share Maps and Tracks or not if you edit Maps folder and/or Data folder. 


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