Twonav 5 and GO cloud


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    Thierry CHARLÈS


    It is complicated..

    Trace files (Trk, Gpx) are visible and synchronized,
    The WayPoints, and Routes files (Rte, Wpt & Gpx corresponding) are invisible on the Cloud, but synchronize with the GPS and do not Synchronize on the app...

    With a version of Land greater than 8.9.6, CLOUD synchronization is difficult or even impossible. With 8.9.2 the synchronization is going well.

    Adding a file other than a track via the GOCloud plus menu does not work. But from a version of Land 8.9.2 it works.

    They (CompeGps) never corrected. Also if you have too many files it saturates.

    For it to be permanent, don't leave your files only on the Cloud.


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