Gaia GPS Online Map source for Land?



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    Uwe B.

    Don't know how to implement this but regarding climbing walls: I create a Poi database out of OSM and use this on my better rastermaps.  How?

    1) Goto:

    2) Select the area interesting to you.

    3) Input:


    4) Run and export as gpx

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    Uwe B.

    With this search on the result is even better:

    // gather results
      // query part for: “sport=climbing”
    // print results
    out body;
    out skel qt;


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    Marc Collet

    Thanks Uwe B.! This overpass app is definitely a big help.

    However, now I just have to find a way to make it look nice in my Aventura 2 device:

    In my Land software, I added some nice waypoint symbols, fonts and zoom level appearance to the POIs but realized that these design settings do not get passed together with the Waypoints (POIs) when importing them into my Aventura device. This means that in my device the waypoints show up very big and on every zoom level in my Aventura maps and I cannot change the font size and waypoint symbol size, which is annoying.

    Hence that's why I preferred having the POI's rather "graphically" in a raster map, and I found that Gaia GPS map incorporates them very nicely and zoom-dependent into their map.....

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    Uwe B.

    Yeah that is the problem with the devices starting with Twonav 4. Because some users were probably overwhelmed by the all the possibilities to adapt Twonav devices to your very own need, they started to simplify the GUI. Instead of going the way which would have satisfied experienced and new users by providing simple settings AND advanced setting, they crippled the mighty Twonav into a dwarf to provide "a better user experience" buy just reducing it to simple settings.

    I wouldn't buy this crap anymore.


    I had a deeper look at the Gaia GPS map and I'm quite sure, there is no way to use it directly.


    From my perspective you have 4 possibilities:

    1) Pester Twonav to make the view of the waypoints configurable in the app again as in the versions before (it is still possible in the app, they just didn't integrate it in the GUI). The actual integration is nothing someone using a higher number of waypoints can work with.

    2) Pester Twonav to make the options.cxml file editable again and build the code into it:

            <TConfigManager name="{H316}" id="labels">
              <Property name="{H317}" type="3" extype="53"/>
              <Property name="{H318}" type="11" c1="Balizas" c2="Color"/>
              <Property name="{H319}" type="11" c1="Balizas" c2="Color_Fondo"/>
              <Property name="{H320}" type="6" c1="Balizas" c2="Texto_Transp"/>
              <Property name="{H581}" type="1" c1="Balizas" c2="WptBackgroundMode">
                <Value id="0" Text="{H582}"/>
                <Value id="1" Text="{H583}"/>
                <Value id="2" Text="{H584}"/>
              <Property name="Iconsize" type="4" c1="Balizas" c2="Wpt_Icon_Scale"> # Roadbook and pers POI icon scale on map
              <Value id="0.1" Text="10%"/>
              <Value id="0.25" Text="25%"/>
              <Value id="0.5" Text="50%"/>
              <Value id="0.75" Text="75%"/>
              <Value id="0.8" Text="80%"/>
              <Value id="0.9" Text="90%"/>
              <Value id="1" Text="100%"/>
              <Value id="1.25" Text="125%"/>
              <Value id="1.5" Text="150%"/>
              <Value id="1.75" Text="175%"/>
              <Value id="2" Text="200%"/>
              <Value id="2.5" Text="250%"/>
              <Value id="5" Text="500%"/>
              <Property name="{H682}" type="1" c1="Balizas" c2="RbkWptBackgroundMode" visible="0">
                <Value id="0" Text="{H582}"/>
                <Value id="1" Text="{H583}"/>
                <Value id="2" Text="{H584}"/>
              <Property name="{L58}" type="1" c1="Balizas" c2="Draw_Circle">
                <Value id="0" Text="{B8}"/>
                <Value id="1" Text="{H1253}"/>
                <Value id="2" Text="{B7}"/>


    3) Find a way to patch the options.cxml yourself but be warned, an error in the aformentioned file will result in bricking the Aventura 2.

    4) Create with Land a new vectormap and import the climbing waypoints into it, adapt them, export as mpvf and use this map as layer over the other map on your Aventura 2.



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