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    Jörg Thiesemann-Bihn

    I am able to connect my Aventura 2 (FW 5.1.7) to the PC (WinPro10-64).

    This is what I do to connect:
    Make sure the GPS is turned off, shutdown sequence takes several seconds to complete. Not turning the device off prior to connecting crashes mine and corrupts SD-card.
    Connect the GPS to the PC, Red charging LED lights up, Display shows. "TwoNav Loading OS..." After several seconds the battery symbol and charge status (%) is shown.
    At that time you should find an external mass storage device connected and will accessible via file manager on you PC.
    A PIN is not required when I connect the GPS. Not from GPS and not from laptop.

    At which step of the above procedure are you unable to continue? Are you using the original cable? If you are using a different cable, does it support data transfer? There are cables that will only support charging a device.

    It is helpful if you pass information on the type of PC like operating system and FW version of the GPS

    Windows 10 for example may control connection of external mass storage. For security you may be asked for your administrators pin to allow connecting. This is dependent on the settings for your PC account.

    Hopefully this will help to locate the error


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