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    Thierry CHARLÈS


    A TwoNav Trail 2, when it reaches more or less 40% battery charge, the screen shows that due to lack of battery, notifications and the alarm system are disconnected, energy saving is activated

    Yes, that's how it is, it's been the internal setting from the start, I've already contacted TwoNav about this, they told me they had no intention of changing this alarm.

    If it turns OFF shortly after; This is because the actual amount of energy contained in the battery is lower than 40%, because the voltage has to drop and activate the monitoring device. The value of the quantity of energy displayed can only be an estimate. Physically, current technology does not allow a gauge to be integrated into a battery as can be done in a tank for example (And again look at the gauge of your car, I do not know of any car whose tank contains 50% fuel when the gauge indicates 50%, the most reliable remains the estimate in KM / average consumption).

    Which means that there is a significant difference between the quantity of energy stored during charging and the estimated quantity (Current / Charging time). In principle this can be seen quite easily for the Trail 2, it is around 5% energy loss per hour of use (Calibration done on a new one and over a year), so if it is less than 90% after an hour in nature you have to start asking yourself the right question

    It is very likely, but it is up to you to tell us, that you are not managing recharges correctly.

    It is better to recharge regularly, so better to recharge after each outing than to wait for the battery to "empty". A battery depending on the technology behaves differently and never like a liquid reservoir.

    It is recommended to use a charger capable of delivering twice the capacity of the battery rather than the USB port of a laptop which will not be able to deliver the correct current (Limitation due to the size of the laptop's power supply ). Or a block of 2.5 to 3 A at 5 V for a TRAL 2.

    To recover it, plug it into a source capable of providing 5 V / 3A DC should resolve this inconvenience, and remember to recharge it at the end of each of your next outings, whatever the duration of these outings. This is not a problem since he inevitably spends more time out of activity than in activity, you too need to recharge.

    A battery is a compact block of chemical elements which live permanently, whether the GPS is ON or OFF, so if it remains in the state of charge in a drawer for several months without recharge phases, it is not not good at all. Something will happen in the battery, at least a partial discharge or more or less internal oxidation.

    Best regards

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