Twonav Aventura 2 no reproduce sonidos mp3 en roadbook


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    Thierry CHARLÈS


    I haven't tried it for a few updates (a year), but I don't think anything has changed in this aspect since.

    So start by reporting your report to TwoNav via the “send a request” link at the top of this page. This is just a user forum.

    Audio files must be in *.wav format (Mp3 does not work), perhaps another format. This last point should be checked in the user manual. (I have a complete audio file, provided by TwoNav in English, just in case...leave an email to send it to you or a face book contact)

    It doesn't work for two reasons:

    - The audio files are not in your GPS, which cannot find them.
    - To add an audio alert, you add to your route file (Your Route) a path to an audio file, the file itself remains where it was. If the directory containing these audio files is not directly in /data, this is the path for the PC which will be in your GPS, which is in this case unable to open this file. integrated.

    What should be done:

    - Once you have completed your RoadBook in *.trk format, you export it in *.btrk format for use by the GPS, in theory it works. All associated files (Images, Audio, etc.) will be integrated in *.btrk format. practice it no longer works for a few updates.

    So there is this other solution that works:

    - Place the folder containing all the audio files directly in the ..../data folder (Land and GPS) therefore a file in the PC and a copy of this file in the GPS)

    - You add these files (the path to these files) to your road book, be careful to choose the audio which is in ".../data/Audio/...."

    - Once the route is sent to the GPS, the latter will find the audio files since the path is the same for the PC and the GPS.

    Best regards from a french user

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    armando juanes gonzalez

    Tal como te dice Thierry, los archivos tienen que estar en formato wav, en mp3 no los lee. Hay un programa gratuito que se llama Audacity y que los convierte todos los mp3 a wav todos a la vez. Saludos

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