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    Thierry CHARLÈS

    The orientation of the map is controlled as follows:

    - If you travel at more than 5 km/h it will be subject to the route calculated from GPS data. So in the direction of your movement (Navigation route) north is in this case true or geographic north.

    -If you move at less than 5 km/h it will be subject to the compass (digital compass).

    In your most likely case is that your compass is not calibrated. And you move around the only speed.

    Calibrate your compass and select auto pause. If you are taking a walk, have fun moving forward at around 5.5 km/h then going down to 4.5 km/h and observing the switching between True North and Magnetic North (Road/compass)

    To calibrate the compass correctly, enter calibration mode, do not try to make the shape described in the manual. You rotate the GPS around the three axes: Screen towards the sky flat => Rotation flat in one direction then in the other, then the same rotation on the edge to the right, then to the left then to finish rotation up down and vice versa, your compass will be well calibrated.


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