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    Jörg Thiesemann-Bihn

    I am able to connect my Aventura 2 (FW 5.1.7) to the PC (WinPro10-64).

    This is what I do to connect:
    Make sure the GPS is turned off, shutdown sequence takes several seconds to complete. Not turning the device off prior to connecting crashes mine and corrupts SD-card.
    Connect the GPS to the PC, Red charging LED lights up, Display shows. "TwoNav Loading OS..." After several seconds the battery symbol and charge status (%) is shown.
    At that time you should find an external mass storage device connected and will accessible via file manager on you PC.
    A PIN is not required when I connect the GPS. Not from GPS and not from laptop.

    At which step of the above procedure are you unable to continue? Are you using the original cable? If you are using a different cable, does it support data transfer? There are cables that will only support charging a device.

    It is helpful if you pass information on the type of PC like operating system and FW version of the GPS

    Windows 10 for example may control connection of external mass storage. For security you may be asked for your administrators pin to allow connecting. This is dependent on the settings for your PC account.

    Hopefully this will help to locate the error


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    Razvan-Marcel Duta

    Hello.  Razvan from Perth, WA, Australia.

    I am having trouble connecting the Aventura 2 to laptop.  It shuts down and the LED turns red.  This happened after updating the firmware.

    I cannot see the device data in the tree when plugged, shut down but as soon as I unplug it it shows in the data tree, but the data cannot be accessed.  I am very frustated, tried 2 laptops, even created another account and tried - the same.

    Under Tools/Connect/Custom device configuration it says the TwoNav devices do not need special configuration and they would connect directly to laptop.  

    I am using a Windows 10 laptop for navigation and I want to use the Aventura as teh GPS providing data to Land.

    Please advise.  Thank you,


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    Thierry CHARLÈS

    Hello. Thierry from France.

    "I'm using a Windows 10 laptop for navigation and want to use the Aventura as a GPS providing data to Land."

    This is not possible, the TwoNav GPS of this generation are not designed to be the peripheral of a laptop computer.

    Seen from your laptop, the GPS is just a simple USB key.

    There is no communication flow between the computer and the GPS processor.

    To achieve what you are planning, you would need to be able to connect to the internal NMEA port on the GPS.

    In addition, be careful, because connecting to the PC via the USB cable your GPS is in battery charging mode, since the PC is probably not able to provide the required current (3A), your GPS cannot be charged correctly , it is even likely to provide power to the laptop. Eventually you will gradually destroy the battery of your GPS.

    The GPS should be turned OFF before it is connected to a laptop and only to allow the laptop to access the functional data stored in the common memory area.

    Before disconnecting it, do not forget to eject in the file manager, without this precaution there could remain in the memory of the GPS aggregates of files (As in the case of a USB key), and the memory would be amputated of part of its space.

    The operating system of this generation is no longer a Window Operating System, so beware of memory cleaning via Window, which can alter the Firmware of the GPS.



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    Jörg Thiesemann-Bihn

    Razvan-Marcel Duta

    Hi Razvan,
    this is Jörg from Germany.

    You should see two Folders from the GPS.

    One ist the internal storage. It hold the operating system. The folder is not accessible. This ist to protect the system.
    The second one holds the data that you are looking for. A subfolder 'Data' holds your tracks, routes and waypoints. A subfolder 'Maps' holds the maps.

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