Custom waypoint symbols for marking waypoints


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  • HI,

    It is always possible with Land. So, people who customize their tracks in Land get the default symbol in TN4, I guess.

    Not being able to transfer a work (a little tedious too) done under Land to his GPS must be a bit confusing.


    Best regards

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    TwoNav Admin

    This is possible for Land and TN3, but in TN4 the access to system files has been restricted, so it is not possible to add zip files with other icons.

    We will consider this possibility for the future, so we can offer the this possibility in some way also in TN4.

  • Hi,

    It also means that anyone with trackS with waypoints and / or roadbookS with custom icons in TN3 lose all that work when they buy a new GPS .... It's good to know before you buy.

    Best regards

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    Karten- Freund

    I'd like to push this feature request. Not I just really love my own symbols :-) I need them, because they are very helpful for the special activities on my journeys. Moreover one of the key features of TwoNav is the customizability of the system. Please don't give up this unique feature.

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