Air 8.5: 3d view not working


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    TwoNav Admin

    Hello Constantino,

    Thanks for the video.

    So it seems that Land is blocked when making 'play' on a track.

    I tested the same in my computer and couldn't reproduce.

    3D issues are often related to graphic controllers of the computer. Could you please update them? I recommend to make the update from the Nvidia website.

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    Costantino molteni

    I checked but there are no newer graphic card drivers available. I also tried to tell the pc to use the embedded graphic card instead of nvidia one, but the outcome is the same. I tried also on two other pc having two different AMD Radeon graphic cards, but the result is the same. It sounds very strange that three distinct hardware configurations are not able to run properly the 3d rendering of the tracks without it being at least a known issue. If there is anything else I can provide to better understand the issue let me know. As it is, the software is mostly usleless for me.

    Thanks in advance.

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