No map download possible with two nav downloader on ,ac


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    TwoNav Admin

    Hello Gerhard,

    You are trying to install the TomTom map from 2017, right?

    Is it still giving problems? The problem happens only when installing on iPhone? What if you install in Land for example?

    We made a test here and it seems working OK.

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    TwoNav Admin

    After checking a bit more, we think that you are trying to install an old version, while you have also the latest version of 2017.

    Could you please try to install the product labeled as 'Update'?

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    Schoenfelder Gerhard

    I had to set up my iPhone completely new and tried to install the old version (the only one I had) with the

    result above described ("Fehler beim Login Prozess...").

    As it was not possible to install this version I bought the version of 2017. I then was able to install

    the new version.

    I saw, that the maps can be installed on three different devices, which was in my case a MacBook

    an iPad and the iPhone. If one has to set up a device new, it is not possible to install the maps

    again on that device any more though it was installed before. A good way to make more money but


    TwoNav is not a good solution, always couses problems (like last December, when I was not able

    to navigate with TomTom Maps in Sout Africa - used instead: free and IT WORKS).

    I Won't buy it any more and can not recommend.

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