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    Alan Bunting


    I've just had the same issue. It appeared after upgrading to software version 5.2.5. It really is annoying as I use my OS mapping as this is the only way that I can load a .gpx file through OS Maps first and then pull it through to my Aventura as a route that I can follow. I'm going to follow up this post with TwoNav, but I suspect that the only response will be to use Land v9. It might be a great product but all I want is to import a .gpx file from a 3rd party product (MemoryMap) into my Aventura and if necessary, convert it to a .rte file.

    When I first bought the Aventura from OS in GB I could transfer a .gpx file direct to the GPS without any software application, but that was dropped in one of the so called UPgrades.  

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    Thierry CHARLÈS


    I load and import a *.gpx file into TwoNav 5.2.5 (Trail 2) without difficulty, there are several ways to achieve this without using LAND.

    On the other hand, following a *.RTE type itinerary no longer works since the 5.1.1 update. TwoNav has removed this navigation mode and is replaced by the RoadBook.

    So it is possible, see the most likely is that you had to create a route type *.gpx file (list of WayPoints) and that your GPS does not open it anymore or does not understand it anymore (I did not check this option in 5.2.5), it is sent but not recognized!

    To load a GPX, you can:
    - drop the GPX in the /route folder of the GPS with a file manager, via the Cable
    - Deposited the GPX on the GO CLOUD, it will be exported to the GPS (Invisible if it is a list of Wpts)
    - Deposit the GPX on your personal Cloud (Ex Google), open it in your SmartPhone and if you have installed LINK 1.2 you are offered to send it to the GPS.

    Attention if your gpx is a list of WPT, it is probably invisible. Try the ROUTE menu of the GPS, at the bottom right "my routes online" if you have deposited it on GO CLOUD or Place it in /document/compegps/data


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    Cathy Birch

    Having also had this problem my husband has brilliantly found a simple work around for if you have a smartphone. Firstly you'll need to have the OSMaps app on your phone, logged in to your OS account, then:

    1) On your phone download the app "TwoNav Link" and log in with your usual two nav password

    2) On your GPS go to settings, Smartphone and Add Device

    3) Once you've successfully paired open the OS app on your phone, choose your route, click Export GPX and select TwoNav Link. It then gives you the option to "Send to Paired Device"

    It also seems that if your phone and device are both on it will remember the pairing, so after first set up you only need to do step 3. We haven't managed to find a way to export multiple routes, so the first time there was a bit of catching up to do - but only took about 20 minutes to get all our routes over.


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    Chris Duncan

    Hi there!  I have an OS maps subscription and do all my route planning on their website as it's far easier to use than Land (Land is a masterpiece of flexibility for complex situations but far too complicated for mere mortals wanting to plot a 5-10 mile hike in the Peak Dristict...).  I therefore really miss this feature.

    The issue however is NOT with TwoNav but with the OS who stopped selling their own-branded TwoNav GPS devices.  Even though previous customers like Alan, Richard, Cathy's hubby and yours truly will probably have bought their GPS with this function very much in mind, the OS in their infinite wisdom decided to cease their support for the software concerned.  Land 9 still shows OS Maps in their list of Online Maps; my new Terra shows the option to login to the OS; and the OS have resumed the sale of a couple of devices with included mapping - but that counts for nowt!


    I don't think I am saying anything out of turn if I reproduce my email exchange with the OS below (Nov 2023):

    "Can I follow up an enquiry I raised this time last year, please?
    I attach the full exchange for completeness but the position in essence [as I understand it] is this:
    1.  You stopped selling your OS-branded TwoNav GPS devices and, in consequence, discontinued the support for the transfer of files over Wi-Fi (ie one could no longer log in to one’s OS account and access online routes etc via the GPS).  (I am not sure why this should be given the impact on your existing users and whether it was deliberate or consequential, but that was the effect!).
    2.  I note that you have recently started reselling TwoNav devices (eg Terra with full Landranger mapping) so I am wondering if you are intending [or believe you already have] reinstated this remote syncing of routes facility.  I ask because I have recently upgraded to a new Terra [without mapping] and the facility to log in to one’s OS account is still there - as it is on their Land 9 desktop software - yet it doesn’t work."
    "Thank you for your patience while I got an answer for you for our Commercial Team.
    When we stopped selling OS branded TwoNav devices, the support for the Wi-Fi feature was not updated as the app was updated.
    There are no plans to reinstate this feature, even though it is available on the new TwoNav devices, that are being sold again on our shop website. 
    The only fix for this is to download the GPX file for a route in OS Maps and then drag and drop it into a data folder on the device when it is plugged into a computer.
    I am sorry if this is not the news that you were hoping to hear, and thank you for raising this enquiry."
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