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    Andrew McNeill

    I also have this problem.  Contacted support and received the reply and workaround below, which works

    About the connection to OS maps.... OS has decided to change the system and it doesn't work anymore. We are waiting for an answer from them to be able to connect again, but at the moment they are not cooperating.
    You can download the GPX from the OS website and copy them to your device, as a workaround.

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    Cathy Birch

    Having also had this problem my husband has brilliantly found a simple work around for if you have a smartphone. Firstly you'll need to have the OSMaps app on your phone, logged in to your OS account, then:

    1) On your phone download the app "TwoNav Link" and log in with your usual two nav password

    2) On your GPS go to settings, Smartphone and Add Device

    3) Once you've successfully paired open the OS app on your phone, choose your route, click Export GPX and select TwoNav Link. It then gives you the option to "Send to Paired Device"

    It also seems that if your phone and device are both on it will remember the pairing, so after first set up you only need to do step 3. We haven't managed to find a way to export multiple routes, so the first time there was a bit of catching up to do - but only took about 20 minutes to get all our routes over.


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