Refresh Komoot Routes


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    Thierry CHARLÈS


    TwoNav cannot know what is going on at Komoot.

    Proceed in order,

    • - Close your Application or your GPS.
    • - Go update your tracks in Komoot or add a new one,
    • - Go back to open the application or put the GPS on ON

    And your tracks should be there.

    To refresh while everything is working, you should:

    • Either Komoot warns TwoNav that there is a new track or that the list has changed,
    • Either TwoNav asks Komoot repeatedly, to find out if the list has changed.

    Another user.

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    Frank Bewerunge

    Hello. I just solved it on my own.
    Solution is different : if you keep the finger on the Komoot Icon (the icon behind online routes) for more than 2 seconds, then release it, at the bottom a "refresh list" icon appears.

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