Conectar Cross+ con Android


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    Thierry CHARLÈS


    In principle (what you don't specify...) is that when you try to pair, you must provide a code to one of the two devices, this code is created by the other device. It appears on the screen of this device and must be communicated to the other in the pairing dialog process.

    You go to the link menu, click on "Forget" to complete the pairing, then you will open the menu (gear wheel) of the SmartPhone and remove the GPS if it appears in the list of Connected BT devices (A priori NO ).

    And you will start pairing again.

    You start the process from LINK, then in your GPS you must start the recognition of the SmartPhone, note the code and indicate it to the SmartPhone.

    Find the same (as here under) in your langage

    Best Regards

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